Prismasonic Masking System

Masking system has motorized, horizontally sliding black velvet frames, which open and closes the black acoustically transparent mask fabrics. The system frames the picture precisely for all aspect ratios from 1.33:1 up to 2.40:1.
Masking the picture from left and right creates a true constant image height setup for the past and present movies, filmed in various aspect ratios. This also brings a strong illusion of the increased dynamic range, when the black velvet always surrounds the picture.
The masking framework is assembled around the screen body. There are six pre assembled bars which are attached to each other and to the existing wall mounts by the customized brackets.
The same velvet frames are inserted now onto the masking framework. The gap between the fabric and the main velvet frames is only around 2.5cm, and the masking frame is basically in contact with the screen surface.

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