Klipsch THX Ultra2 Home Theater System

Klipsch THX Ultra 2 - 7.2 e акустичен комплект, който има THX® Ultra2 сертификат. Това е система за домашно кино на Klipsch от Hi-End клас.
Със своя брилянтен саунд THX Ultra2 - 7.2 ще ви осигури едно истинско кино преживяване. Настанете се удобно, отпуснете се и се насладете на магията на седмото изкуство.

Комплектът включва:
KL-650-THX LCRs Предни колони за ляв, централен и десен канал - 3 бр.
KS-525-THX Съраунд колони - 2 бр.
KL-525-THX Задни колони - 2 бр.
KW-120-THX субуфер - 2 бр.
KA-1000-THX усилвател за субуфера 

Because it expertly delivers the raw explosiveness and fine detail of any film format, the Ultra2 will shatter your expectations for home theater performance by creating the most dramatic and realistic entertainment experiences you've ever heard.
The THX Ultra2 family consists of two sizes of LCR front speakers, one surround, one subwoofer and a subwoofer amplifier. These models can be assembled in a variety of combinations including a true THX Ultra2 system in a 7.1 configuration, which consists of three KL-650-THX LCRs, two KL-525-THX LCRs, two KS-525-THX surrounds, two KW-120-THX subwoofers and one KA-1000-THX subwoofer amplifier. The smaller KL-525-THX LCRs serve as rear center speakers.
This system was built for versatility, so any combination of the sonically matched LCR speakers will deliver seamless performance, and the LCRs may also be used as surrounds. Proprietary Klipsch Tractrix® Horn tweeters and Cerametallic™ woofers are used throughout to deliver the ultimate in power, detail and emotional impact from durable, easy-to-install cabinets.
All enclosures have the dado and rabbet construction used in Klipsch professional speakers, ensuring cabinet integrity in suspended applications. Omni-Mount suspension points on the LCR and surround speakers facilitate wall or ceiling mounting using standard hardware. Each Ultra2 component, except the amplifier, comes in a Galaxy black finish with aluminum fascia. The amplifier comes in a standard black finish.
The THX Ultra2 system is a big step up in performance for home installation. It proves that big movie theater sound can come in a convenient take home size. In fact, immediately following its launch, the Klipsch THX Ultra2 proved to be a runaway success. It has brought home several honors including a 2004 CES Innovations Award, 2004 CE Pro High-Impact Product of the Year Award and a 2004 EH Product of the Year Award for the KW-120-THX and KA-1000-THX.

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