Lumene Movie Palace Premium 3D

Новото творение на Lumene - Movie Palace Premium 3D е фиксиран екран с 3D платно.

Featuring a higher gain of 2.0 and gray color, this canvass offers high contrast and high quality image thanks to the best possible luminosity. With the technology featured in the Movie Palace Premium 3D, you can now enjoy rich colors thanks to highly pronounced contrast. Enjoy high definition with a canvass that is adapted for 3D projection, reproducing precise and exceptionally vivid images, even in relatively bright environments.
The Movie Palace Premium 3D is undoubtedly the best choice for your dedicated screening room.

Техническа спецификация
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • Image basis: about 170 cm
  • Extradrop: about 80.00 mm

Screen material

  • Material: PVC WMat-EL
  • Gain: 2.00
  • Directivity: 40°
  • Treatment: Permanent white treatment; Anti-static
  • Other features: No hot spot; Opaque black back; Optimal surface for DLP and LCD projectors


  • Wall mounting
  • Large frame (80 mm) full aluminium alloy frame
  • Specific attachment system for continuous tension all around the frame
  • Safe clipping system
  • Easy and fast install


  • 2 years
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