Prismasonic Cinomorph Cylindrical

Cinomorph cylindrical lens has a very large aperture 4-lements optics, which allows to project a large picture from a small distance.

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Cinomorph_cylindrical lens has a very large aperture 4-lements optics, which allows to project a large picture from a small distance. The cylindrical  precision optics have a reference class picture quality with an extremely good corner-to-corner uniformity. The continuous focus correction allows the projector to be positioned close to the screen, allowing the throw distance down to 2 meters.
Both the front lens and the smaller rear lens have their own adjustments. The focus adjusting  is performed from the front using the L-wrench, and in case of imbalance in focus between the left and the right sides, the small lens has an adjustment to correct this.
Lift stand option for the Cinomorph_cylindrical allows to shift the lens aside from the beam for the 16:9 media. The two motors drive the lens up and down with the aid of constant force springs. The system also has a pair of adjustable slide locks on sides for both “IN” and “OUT” positions to match the vertical alignment with different projectors and setups. This also makes the mode switching very quick and precise to operate.
The silent motors move the lens in a couple of seconds from end to end. The remote controller has the two powerful IR LEDs, which can effortlessly control the lens even at the very largest rooms. The IR commands can be further transferred to the universal remote controller.
Motorised focus  option for the Cinomorph_cylindrical adds an extra facilitating feature for setting up the lens. Like in a case of  projectors it is a pleasant to have, even if not absolutely necessary. Especially with the celling mounted and long throw distance setups it gives a great help in finding the focus  sweet pot.

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