Screen Excellence Retractable Motorized AT

Механично прибиращи акустично прозрачни екрани за безкомопромисна интеграция.

Описание на Screen Excellence Retractable Motorized AT

If you want to integrate a Home Cinema in your living space, a Retractable motorized Acoustically Transparent screen will provide an elegant solution.
From its discreet housing the screen glides into position for deploying its projection surface. This can be activated by a switch, a remote control or from the projector itself. The screen can be mounted directly in front of one (centre) or all main front speakers.
Generally, when compared with Fixed-Frame versions, motorized retractable screens are known to exhibit several flaws, including the effect of projection light being reflected back through the screen and uneven screen surface when held under vertical tension alone.

Техническа спецификация на Screen Excellence Retractable Motorized AT

  • No Moiré effect in any situation- Full compatibility with all existing projectors
  • Ultra HD 4K resolution and beyond
  • 3D compatible with active glasses technologies
  • AT Woven Black Backing fabric eliminates rear wall light reflection
  • Absolutely flat tensioned projection surface
  • Infinite Black velvet borders – Accurate image framing and enhanced contrast perception
  • Case finish options : Black Velvet coating ; Glossy colour coating
  • Hand crafted with care in USA

Lateral dual tensioning of projection surface
Projection surface : Enlightor 4K
Black backing provided as standard
Sizes :
from 80 ’’ to 140’’ base width
Standard black drop : 20 cm


Screen Excellence

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